Friday, July 27, 2012

Colorful hauling!

So I went mini shopping yesterday and picked up a few items...

  • Flash drive
  • Phone case
  • 3 tops

First stop, Bealls outlet:

I thought this was very casual and cute for school or just chilling around the house.

I found this top very nice to go out in, like a nice dinner or something. This top is very loose and comfortable, so it's not too dressy but not too casual. I also loved the southern taste it gives off. :)

This shirt is so comfortable its unreal! I thought it was cute to go hangout with friends in or to lounge around and look adorable.

So, I got myself a new phone case! I love hello kitty, I just think she is so cute! The case is a rubber type material and I got this case because it was cute and the rubber is kind of thick so I have a feeling it will semi-protect my phone. :)

Second and last stop, Staples:
Again, with the hello kitty, haha, but I need a flashdrive for school coming up so I thought to myself, why not go ahead and get it now?

- Tara

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Logo Snap: Try it!

Hey you guys! Check out Logosnap! You can make a wonderful logo there, it's fun, creative and yours! I made my logo for this blog there and I am very happy with what I got. If you have a blog I highly recommend this website. The website is Check it out!
    - Tara

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Covergirl Lipstick Duos: REVIEW

So recently I bought two of these new lipstick duo's to try out. I posted a couple of weeks ago about how I wanted to try them so here it is now:
Top: This duo is a pink based color, I really like this one because it looks really nice on my lips. I put the dark color on first then I took the lighter pink and put it more in the center. I will be using this one often!

Bottom: This duo has more of a neutral tone to it. To be completely honest I don't really like this one. In person it makes my lips look like a gold/copper color and I'm not really for that. I guess its just not my color!

The verdict: I give it 3 and 1/2 stars! I just wish this collection had more variety of colors along with lipsticks that were more matte.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Splatter Paint Nails!

Okay, I know I was supposed to do this post yesterday but my father and I were spending some father daughter time together. But here it is! I am going to give you a step to step tutorial on how to do this look. I got the idea from Pinterest and decided to give it a go!
Here is what you'll need:
a white nail polish
2-4 different colored polishes
clear coat
nail polish remover
a straw
scotch tape
disposable plate

First start off by putting on a clear coat and then painting your nails white.

Next add 4-8 drops of nail polish on to the disposable plate.

Don't forget to tape your fingers! It'll keep it from being such a mess.

Now here's the fun part! Take your straw and cut it in half. Now dip it into the polish and blow on it to your finger nail. It should give you a really cool splatter effect. Now just repeat that on to all of the nails and you can switch up the colors too.

When you are finished with all of that, let your new cute nails dry. Once they have dried peel off the tape gently.

Now apply your clear coat to seal it all in and make it last longer.

And Ta Da!!!!! Your nails are finished!



                           - Tara

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hola mis amigos!!
     I'm and really sorry about not posting anything for quite a while. I have been stuck doing my online class work and working too. But I am back!! Expect to see more posts (even though they might not be daily). But I will try my hardest to post as much as possible. 
     Today I will be posting a nail tutorial I promised you guys a while back. I promise you'll like it. When I did it I got a lot of complements on the design. Plus the design is really cute for summer and soon back to school. I will probably have it up around 6:00 Eastern time so be sure to check back!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Red, white, and blue...

Who's ready for the fourth?! I know I am! I'm probably going to go and watch our towns fireworks. We'll see. But what are you guys doing for the fourth?

- Tara

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flipping through the allure mag...

So I was flipping through my allure magazine for this month and I came across this cover girl add with a flap. "oooo I love flap thingys" I thought. When I opened it I came across these amazing lipstick duos!!!! You can make different looks with them and it looks sooo unique and cool. So you can add a personal style to your lips! Yeah, I think this calls for a trip to the drugstore. :)