Friday, July 27, 2012

Colorful hauling!

So I went mini shopping yesterday and picked up a few items...

  • Flash drive
  • Phone case
  • 3 tops

First stop, Bealls outlet:

I thought this was very casual and cute for school or just chilling around the house.

I found this top very nice to go out in, like a nice dinner or something. This top is very loose and comfortable, so it's not too dressy but not too casual. I also loved the southern taste it gives off. :)

This shirt is so comfortable its unreal! I thought it was cute to go hangout with friends in or to lounge around and look adorable.

So, I got myself a new phone case! I love hello kitty, I just think she is so cute! The case is a rubber type material and I got this case because it was cute and the rubber is kind of thick so I have a feeling it will semi-protect my phone. :)

Second and last stop, Staples:
Again, with the hello kitty, haha, but I need a flashdrive for school coming up so I thought to myself, why not go ahead and get it now?

- Tara


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